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MENU: PBScripts (For Compact 7 only)

Note CE 6 uses the Tools menu ( Running CEComponentWiz via Tools Menu (Manual configuration) ). Compact 7 can also use that method

Using the installed PBScript to run CEComponentWiz

When installing, on the 3rd Dialog you get a choice of 3 installations.
The 3rd (and default) choice installs for Compact 7 and installs a PBScript (new in Compact 7)
If this choice is taken a .pbscript is installed in your My Documents\PBScript folder
(You will need to copy this to other users' My Documents\PBscript folders if others use PB C7 on this computer)
  • First run of the script : Menu-Tools-Platform Builder-Configure Scripts
  • Choose the CEComponentWiz script and run it.
  • From then on it will show as the Active Script on that menu.
  • Note: When in Configure Script, you can create a keyboard shortcut for the script


When this script runs CEComponentWiz it runs in a Build environment and so CEComponentWiz has access to all build environment variables.
This is a better and more robust approach to the apriori, heuristic method used otherwise that makes some intelligent guesses as to things such as WINCERROT based upon the OS project file and path.

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