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For Windows CE 6 or Compact 7


  1. Download the file from
  2. Unzip the three installation files:
    • setup.exe
    • CEComponentWizApp.msi
    • And this file (Read.Me.Txt)
  3. Run setup.exe
  4. Change the target folder if you wish, but note it for later.
  5. On the next dialog choose the installation you want:
  6. Once installed, browse to the installation folder
  7. Open ICSharpCode.SharpZipLib.GPL.txt
  8. This applies only the ICSharpCode.SharpZipLib.dll which is a third party library used by the application.
  9. If you do not accept these conditions please uninstall.
  10. Configure menu access:

The wizard creates a SubProject that can be added to the CE project:
  • Right click on SubProjects in the Solution Explorer, in the OS project.
    • Add Existing SubProject
  • Or if it was added to the Catalog:
    • Refresh the Catalog
    • Add it to the OS from Catalog/Third Party/Vendor

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