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Tools Menu

  • When running Visual Studio 2005 (or 2008), with a Windows CE 6 (or Compact 7) OS Project:
  • Go to Tools Menu
  • Select External Tools
  • Click Add
  • Enter Title: CEComponentWiz
  • Command: Browse to the installtion folder and and select CEComponentWiz.exe
  • Argument (Enter): $(ProjectFileName) $(ProjectDir)
(Note space between the macros)
  • Initial Directory (Enter): $(TargetDir)
Make sure that the only checkbox that is selected is "Close on exit"

NOTE: (IMPORTANT): In the Solution Explorer, Click on the Operating
System project, not the Solution, before running the wizard.
Otherwise the macros, as above, will be blank because they
only apply to the CE OS project, not the solution (..and not other subprojects).

To use the wizard from a Windows CE 6 project, just select
CEComponentWiz from the tools menu.

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