building OS component from commandline

Aug 5, 2011 at 8:22 AM

I have saved my component and added it as a subproject.  It builds fine from the ide but when I build from the command line, the bib file is ignored.  

The subproject is set to be included in the image.

Release>if exist C:\Users\Administrator\dev\bsp\SF01\SF01\Wince600\AT10X0BD_ARMV4I\oak\PBPreMakeImageCustomBuildActions.bat del /f/q C:\Users\Administrator\dev\bsp\SF01\SF01\Wince600\AT10X0BD_ARMV4I\oak\PBPreMakeImageCustomBuildActions.bat
Release>if exist C:\Users\Administrator\dev\bsp\SF01\SF01\Wince600\AT10X0BD_ARMV4I\oak\PBPostMakeImageCustomBuildActions.bat del /f/q C:\Users\Administrator\dev\bsp\SF01\SF01\Wince600\AT10X0BD_ARMV4I\oak\PBPostMakeImageCustomBuildActions.bat
Release>if "C:\Users\Administrator\dev\bsp\SF01\SF01\SF01.pbxml" == "" goto NotPreMakeImgSteps
Release>if not exist "C:\Users\Administrator\dev\bsp\SF01\SF01\SF01.pbxml" goto NotPreMakeImgSteps
Release>Echo Generating PBWorkspace Custom makeimg build step batch Files to C:\Users\Administrator\dev\bsp\SF01\SF01\Wince600\AT10X0BD_ARMV4I\oakGenerating PBWorkspace Custom makeimg build step batch Files to C:\Users\Administrator\dev\bsp\SF01\SF01\Wince600\AT10X0BD_ARMV4I\oak
Release>pushd C:\WINCE600
C:\WINCE600>pbxmlutils /generatemakeimgfiles C:\Users\Administrator\dev\bsp\SF01\SF01\Wince600\AT10X0BD_ARMV4I\oak
Release>Echo Done Generating PBWorkspace Custom makeimg build step batch FilesDone Generating PBWorkspace Custom makeimg build step batch Files
Release>if not exist C:\Users\Administrator\dev\bsp\SF01\SF01\Wince600\AT10X0BD_ARMV4I\oak\PBPreMakeImageCustomBuildActions.bat goto :NotPreMakeImgSteps

Aug 9, 2011 at 4:33 AM

The problem was due to the DIRS file in the PBWORKSPACEROOT not being set up.

Sep 21, 2011 at 12:36 PM

Sorry but I've off line for two months travelling.

I am due to release an update soon so I'd appreciate some more detail on this if you don't mind.

Thanks David Jones