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! News

  • CEComponentWiz V4.5 Clickonce installation now available. Autogenerates PBScript.
    • Also Compact13Minshell menu fix
  • CECompon,entWiz V4.0 for Compact 2013 +Cabfile+ MinShell Menu Entry now available for download
  • Version 4.0 (Now available)
    • Compact13Minshell menu option is now a Checkbox separate from Shortcuts menu
    • Can choose to not copy component files to Subproject Resources folder, but instead source them from original location when Subproject is built.
    • Fixed some issues with loading and saving of workspace.
      You have always been able to save and reload a workspace .. see File menu.
  • This is now a Click-Once installation of the app.
  • Version 3.1
    • There is now an option to include registry entries in the content Subproject generated so that applications included in the Subproject can be included the Compact13MinShell Start menu.
    • See Compact 2013 Minshell and Compact 2013 Tools project on right.
  • Version 3.0
    • Works with Platform Builder for Windows Embedded Compact 2013 in Visual Studio 2012 (Update 2). Compact 7 (VS 2008) and CE6 (VS2005) still supported.
    • Also generates a .cab file containing the files and shortcuts as an alternative to inclusion in OS.

Project Description
A Platform Builder Wizard to add content to Windows Embedded Compact/CE as Operating System subprojects. Files are packaged up as s subproject with appropriate BIB,DB,DAT and REG files. Can place shortcuts in OS folders for included files. In the new (coming) version, a cabfile installer is also generated,


  • You select resource files on your development machine:
    • Modules
    • Images
    • Documents
    • Media
    • Registry entries
    • Can choose any built item in the Release Directory
    • Other
  • You then create a Compact 2013, Compact 7 or CE 6 subproject
  • You then include the project into the existing OS project and MakeImage.
  • The files are then in the OS.
  • Shortcuts are easily generated to be placed in OS folders when the OS runs (via a .dat file)

Key Features of this version

  • Still plugs into the Tools Menu via Tools-->PlatformBuilder-->PBScripts
  • Can generate cab file for components
    • Only difference is the .reg entries are not at this stage include in .cab file
  • Seamlessly works with Compact 2013, Compact 7, and CE6
    •  Has been tested with Compact 2013 RTM ( and CTP)
  • Shortcut improvements
    • Many more shortcut folder placement locations
    • Localisation of standard Windows folder names
    • UI now is a combobox
  • Project Catalog file works
    • Can place directly into catalog
  • Save Workspace
    • Now saves the Component Details (previously called Metadata).
  • Menu layout has changed to improve clarity
  • Other
    • More error trapping
    • Some corrections
    • UI improvements

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